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12.04.2017 – Partnership with 1Office

Expat Relocation Estonia has started cooperation with 1Office – one of the most innovative accounting service providers in the Nordic-Baltic region. Goal of the cooperation is to offer 1Office’s foreign clients additional services such as assistance with immigration formalities, home search and other similar soft-landing services in Estonia.

1Office is currently providing accounting services to a number of Estonian e-residents. We hope that many of them will soon become real residents of Estonia and together we can build an even better and successful Estonia.

See more about our new partner:


01.10.2015 – Welcoming programme kick-off

October this year will mark the beginning of the Welcoming Programme. The programme is designed for newly arrived immigrants in Estonia and will consist of thematic modules and an A1-level Estonian language course.

The courses are offered free of charge. All foreigners who have received their first residence permit no longer than 5 years ago are eligible to attend.

All info and registration is here:


15.06.2015 – Expat Relocation Estonia chosen as the main cooperation partner for the government’s Welcoming Programme for newly arrived foreigner

Expat Relocation Estonia has been chosen by the Estonia government to provide courses for the Welcoming Programme. The programme is designed for all foreigners who have received a residence permit in Estonia (incl EU citizens who have migratd to Estonia and have registered their residence here).

The programme will consist of several thematic modules (1 day each) and an A1 level language course.

Courses will begin in October 2016


20.11.2014 – Partnership with CVO – a professional recruitment consultancy

Expat Relocation Estonia has launched a partnership with one of the leading recruitment firms in the country. Together with the professional team of CVO, we will be able to offer a more complete service to both employers in Estonia as well as foreign professionals considering Estonia as their next career move.

We look forward to many years of fruitful cooperation and have already helped the first satisfied customers together.



15.01.2014 – Äripäev has done a story on us!

The largest Estonian business daily, “Äripäev” has run a story on Expat Relocation Estonia, recognizing us as a gateway for foreign specialists to Estonia: click here for the article (in Estonian)


04.11.2013 – We help promote investment to Estonia

Expat Relocation Estonia became an official partner to Estonian Investment Agency – the government authority promoting Estonia as a foreign direct investment destination country.

Together we welcome investors and business people seeking possibilities to expand to the Estonian market and relocate themselves and their businesses to the compact and highly efficient environment we have.


26.09.2013 – Membership of AmCham Estonia

Expat Relocation Estonia became a proud member of AmCham Estonia. As an active member of the Estonian business community we look forward in cooperation with AmCham to shape and promote our country as the best business environment in the region.

News from Estonia

20.10.2014 – Relocation Guide Estonia now available

A brand new Relocation Guide has been published today! The guide contains all the basic information anyone wishing to relocate to Estonia needs – housing, working, taxes, banking, education, transport, healthcare, etc.

Download the Guide here


08.11.2013 – Investors’ Summit 2013

Investors’ Summit 2013 was held today, organised jointly by AmCham and several other foreign chambers of commerce active in Estonia. The issue of attracting foreign talent to the country came up in almost all discussions. 10,000 foreign top specialists by 2020 was a number mentioned by some.

Panelists also listed several problems concerning the settling-in of foreigners and their families in Estonia. Availability of affordable, high quality English language education was mentioned as a drawback and a problem in attracting these talented people to relocate here. Ongoing process of amending the Aliens Act was regarded as a positive development in the right direction. A suggestion was also made to rename the Aliens Act to be called Friends of Estonia Act 🙂

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