Prior to arrival

Upon arrival

While in Estonia

Upon departure

Assisting with the moving of your belongings

We help you to take care of the customs formalities related to moving your belongings. If your belongings arrive before you, we can be physically present at the property to oversee their delivery and/or unpacking.

Moving in

We make moving-in to your selected property easy and worryless. We conduct a thorough examination of the property prior to your actual move, prepare a list of all the items in the property as well as a detailed description of all imperfections and flaws the property may have. Such clear description helps you avoid any misunderstandings with the landlord at the time of departure.

We handle the negotiations with your landlord to make sure the terms and conditions you sign up for are balanced and thare are no catches or hidden costs or responsibilities. All contracts are translated into English for your detailed review.

Introduction of and to your workplace

We introduce you to the location of your office and advise on the best means of commuting from your residence. We can also organise a welcoming event at your new workplace and make sure everyone gets acquainted in an informal manner to facilitate smooth transition to everyday business.

Handling all the paperwork and formalities

We take care of all formalities related to relocating to Estonia. Such formalities include:

Helping you arrange your medical needs

We advise you about the Estonian health care system, help you find the most suitable General Practitioner, arrange for medical insurance coverage and register you with Haigekassa – the local health care fund. We also help you find the best specialists you or your family needs.

Schools and kindergartens

We help you find the most suitable schools and kindergartens for your little ones. We assist you with completing the necessary paperwork and arrange visits to the premises and meetings with teachers.

We work in partnership with International School of Estonia