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Martin Lään

Martin has spent six years living and working in places like Ukraine, Malaysia, Switzerland and China. As a former diplomat, Martin has a wealth of experience with inter-cultural barriers and of how to bridge them. For many years Martin has assisted his foreign friends in discovering Estonia and has attempted to make them feel right at home in his beloved homeland

Andrus Alber

Co-founder Andrus Alber's 20+ year career in finance has taken him to the US and Luxembourg among other locations. His work in international organisations as well as in multinational corporations has provided him with a detailed picture of the joys and worries of people needing to relocate to foreign countries. Based on these experiences, we make sure that people arriving in Estonia as a step in their professional careers, will make positive memories of their stay in our country

Liis Lään

Liis has 12 years of finance experience in a multinational corporation. She has lived as an expat in Switzerland, Poland and Italy and knows how well desgned working environment and support services can help an expatriated employee get started right away. And vice versa...

Andrus Ümarik

  1. Andrus has lived and worked in the German-speaking world. He has studied in Vienna and done his Master's in Speyer, Germany. Andrus is a seasoned entrepreneur who knows the challenges posed by the need to find just the right people for a job. He also understands the importance of smooth transitions for expats and the way these can affect people's motivation.

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